What is the process of preserving my flowers? 

Once receiving your flowers, they will then go through the process of drying them in a high quality silica gel which can take anywhere from 1-3 week (if your flowers are already dry then they skip the step). After the drying phase we then lay out a design in which photos will be sent out for approval. We send up to 3 different designs at the customer's request. Flowers will then go through the process of having many layers poured in the mold shape of your choice. There are anywhere from 6 to 15 layers that are poured to fully preserve your flowers. On completion of the block being fully poured we allow 1 full week for the piece to cure before adding top coat and final touch ups. 

How long does an order take to be made?

The time frame once receiving your floral bouquet (if fresh) can take between 10 to 24 weeks to complete with the full preserving process. This ultimately depends on the flowers that are provided. Some florals may need extra drying time due to size. 

Can you use already dried flowers?

Yes 100%!! Special shipping instructions will be shipped out for your dried flowers to make sure they did not get damaged during shipping.

How do you reserve a spot?

To reserve a spot for a future date please fill out the reservation form linked HERE. A 50% deposit will need to be made to hold your booking reservation. 

When do I make my finial payment?

Once receiving your flowers they will go through the dry process which can take up to two weeks to fully dry out (if your flowers are already dry they will spike this step). Next you will be sent a 2-3 designs of the floral block lay out. After the lay out has been confirmed you will then be requested to send your remaining balance of your block before the resin begins to be poured.

How far in advance do you need to book your reservation?

Typically 6 months away from your event date is suggested to make your reservation. We suggest booking as soon as possible as we only take a certain amount of reservations per month.  Currently taking on mid/late 2022 and 2023 bookings. 


Shipping & Policy 

When do I ship my flowers to be preserved?

Once your reservation has been confirmed you will be sent special shipping instructions on how to ship flowers to our studio. Please make sure to confirm if your flowers will be fresh or dry as there will be different shipping instructions for them. For additional questions please email at resinblondieto@gmail.com.

Shipping cost? 

Customers are responsible for the shipping to and from our studio. 

What happens once the reservation form has been completed?

After you have filled out your reservation form a response can take between 3-6 days for us to get back. 

Can I drop off my flowers instead of shipping them?

100% we offer flower drop off to our studio located in Toronto, ON (beaches/leslieville area). 

Do you accept returns?

Due to the nature of these pieces being custom made we do not accept returns however if there are any issues because reach out via email to address concerns.

Do you offer international orders?

We are currently only taking CANADIAN orders for custom floral blockings at this time however check in with our shop for any ready to go pieces.